Madame Perry's Salon: An Interview

I was invited into Madame Perry’s Salon for an interview and we had the best time! Jennifer Perry has the *most* glorious laugh, and it was such a pleasure to go on her show. She asked about Little Dead Red, the Bram Stoker Award, and what went through my mind when my name was called. It wasn’t what you would think. If … Read More

Zombiepalooza Interviews Sick Miss Murder

So sick. I was SO SICK, you guys. But Jackie Chin of Zombiepalooza Radio graciously allowed me to come on and talk about The Bram Stoker Nomination, Little Dead Red, and all sorts of things. It was a lot of fun. Zombiepalooza is one of my favorite radio shows. I come in at about the two hour mark. It was … Read More

Join Me on Zombiepalooza Tonight!

Jackie Chin is doing a wonderful show tonight dedicated exclusively to women in horror. And that’s pretty awesome.  She’ll be hosting Sephera Giron, Lisa Lane, Suzie M, Chantal Noordeloos, and myself. We will each have 45 minutes to talk with Jackie and discuss our work, what it’s like writing in the genre, and, in my case, a few choice words … Read More

I’m Guesting on Zombiepalooza This Friday!

  I’m excited to announce that the very enjoyable Jackie Chin invited me to guest on the Zombiepalooza radio show this Friday! I’ll be on from 9-10 PM Eastern, so please stop by and ask questions! Call in or ask in the chat room. Otherwise I’ll be playing my ukelele and being dorky. You know. My awkward usual. You can … Read More

Zombiepalooza in Two Hours! Call in. :)

Whatcha doin’ tonight, friends? What’s that? You’re listening to Zombiepalooza radio? That’s a fabulous idea! Because I’m going to be on there live in two hours. Fill free to listen! Even better, call in and ask me questions. Beg me *not* to play my ukelele. Whatever you’d like. 🙂 Here is the information: 3rd HOUR 10-11 pm EST 4/25/14 Author/Publisher: … Read More

Chat With Me While Doing The Dishes!

Or something like that. But I would totally help you with your dishes if I could. 🙂 Gardner Goldsmith was kind enough to invite me onto his show last night. I’ve known G for about five years now, and he’s just the nicest of the nice. Here’s a link to the podcast if you’d like to take a listen. I … Read More

Me! On the radio! Tonight!

Gardner Goldsmith is gracious enough to have me on his show tonight. Even after talking to me before, and knowing what a dork I am when he gets me on the phone. We’ll be talking a bit about Beautiful Sorrows and I’ll do a brief reading from it. Why don’t you join me? He’s calling in at about 10:30 EST. … Read More

Hiya, I’m on the Radio!

I had an impromptu radio interview at KillerCon.  It’s on Date Night in Vegas KLAV 1230 AM.  I was just getting over a migraine and had 30 seconds to prepare for the interview. Scary?  SCARY.  But I did it, and it was a lot of fun.  If you’d like to hear it, you can find it here.  The volume is … Read More