Meet Starlight and Moonlight

Russian Dwarf Hamster

Starlight is a fat, sweet, Russian Dwarf Hamster. Moonlight is her sleeker, meaner, bitier sister. We bought the hamsters after Moon Bunny was taken. They look like chubby little mice, and we’re all pretty charmed. Except for maybe about 2:00 am, when they go nuts on their hamster wheel.

Russian Dwarf Hamster

Starlight likes to play and sit in your hand. Moonlight wants nothing to do with it, crabby thing. Though she does love her hamster ball. Happiness is a pink plastic hamster ball bumping into the piano bench. It just is.

Mercedes M. Yardley

Starlight has one favorite place to hang out.  She’d be there all day, if I’d let her.


Yep. There we go. Sweet, snuggly thing.

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    1. Hmm. Two sisters named Starlight and Moonlight who lived in Las Vegas. Haha! I can see that.

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