WANAcon! I’m Teaching Tomorrow AM!

Who wants to spend their Saturday morning in their pajamas, hanging out in my bedroom? It’ll be a slumber party!

Kristen Lamb has created the ONLINE We Are Not Alone con. It kicked off today, but it’s not too late to sign up. The best part (besides it being online so you can come in your PJs) is that all of the sessions are recorded, so you can watch everything at your leisure. Of course, you’ll miss out on the interactive part of the con and having your questions answered live, but it’s so nice putting the baby down for a nap and watching a favorite session whenever is convenient for you.

I’ll be teaching my Writing In Stolen Moments: Building Your Novel One Sentence at a Time class. It’s by far my most requested one, and is packed full of information that has really helped me learn to focus. I hope it will help you, as well! I teach live tomorrow at noon Eastern, which is 9:00 am here. So expect me to be a little rumpled.

Also, if you use the code PDMI, you get $15 off. Come join us, if you’d like. Remember, you’re not alone!


Because I stalk you. So there. 😉

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