Here’s A More Realistic Holiday Newsletter


My friend was telling me about a bragging Christmas newsletter that she finally had to throw in the trash. It’s fun to read what friends and family are up to, but some of these newsletters are crafted so carefully that it sounds like this family is the next to Mary and Joseph in perfection.

“Larry is king of the company this year! He was promoted twice and soon we expect his sovereign rule. Not only is Anna the perfect mother and housewife, but she runs her own business and managed to put together these beautiful Christmas cards by hand. Huey, Dewy, and Louie are all altar boys, volunteer with the homeless, AND play the french horn. Merry Christmas!”

So we made up some of our own, more realistic, holiday newsletters and swapped them. It was so much fun, and we laughed so hard!

Here’s mine.

“Luke is still with the company, and has lost all enthusiasm. They keep promoting him but we wish they wouldn’t so we could move out of this town. Mercedes upped her antidepressants this year. Twice. Niko, 11, only wants to wear green shirts, which aren’t allowed at his school. Nina is 7 and still can’t tie her shoes, but she’s a little artist so we’ll just call her eccentric. Lilia, 3, had to get stitches in the most sensitive of areas due to a very awkward fall. The animals despise us all and openly plot our deaths every day. It’s only a matter of time. Merry Christmas!”

It was fun to see what people came up with. Some celebrated losing their jobs while others said single-parenting was driving them crazy. Many wondered if this was the year they started drinking. It put a little fun and joy into every day things. Sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll start to cry.

Won’t you write a realistic newsletter and share it with me? I would love to read them! πŸ˜€

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  1. Mercedes, I have tried to think of words for what our realistic Christmas letter would say. The only problem is that our year has been a little too real but then you understand years like that. I decided that I will just celebrate in my heart this past year and maybe blog about realistic Christmas letters myself because you and I share a very similar sentiment about such letters. Hugs, Ardee-ann

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