WIP Wednesday

It’s been a while since I did a Work in Progress Wednesday. I always loved to see what everyone was working on. Quite frankly, I still do, which is exhibited by the fact that I regularly hit up my writer friends with the old “Whatcha dooooooin’?” They’re always busy, which is awesome.
I sold a short story called “Ivan and the Hurting Doll” to the Heroes of Red Hook anthology, which is put out by Golden Goblin Press. My story was written specifically for the antho and I’m glad they decided it’s a good fit. It’s a traditional Russian fairytale that takes place in the boroughs of New York, and I dearly love my sweet, stalwart Ivan.
My main focus right now is on The Demon Prince, the second book in the Bone Angel Trilogy. The first third is written and polished, which is strange because that isn’t how I work. I write the whole thing before going back to edit, but the first section has already been to the editor. This whole experience has been atypical for me. Not only writing a series, but the way I’m going about it, etc. I suppose it only goes to prove that each book is its own beast and we cannot expect to tame them all equally.
I’m on tap to provide six short stories to different anthologies. Right now they’re all diaphanous ideas, but they’re constantly in the back of my mind.
Meanwhile, the kiddos are out of school and it’s 111 degrees here at home. We fought the heat in order to bake our very first rhubarb pie yesterday, which somehow turned into a voodoo rhubarb pie. It turned our home into an inferno, but it was so worth it.
So I want to know. Whatcha doooooin’?

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  2. I miss WIP Wednesdays too!
    I haven’t been writing much the last two weeks because I’ve been unwell 😕 but I am working with a mentor via the HWA. Subbed a short and working on my book – a dark thriller with Reapers and tattoos and punk rock 😊

  3. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, I am taking the poems I wrote as a youth and trying to polish them without changing them. Only grammar and spelling no matter the goofiness or awesomeness.

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