Pimp a Friend Friday: Green Ronin Talent Search!

This is super cool, you guys. Green Ronin, who put out The Lost Citadel, is hosting a talent search. They are specifically looking for women at this point, but plan to do something for men in the future. Let me briefly quote what they said on their blog.
“Ultimately, one woman will be chosen to write for the Lost Citadel RPG under developer C.A. Suleiman and as part of a paid contract, but it’s my hope that we might find not just one but several new, talented women creatives that we haven’t worked with before at Green Ronin.
We will begin taking submissions on April 17th, and will post the official rules and guidelines for the talent search separately. Meanwhile, read up on the Lost Citadel and get ready!”
This sounds like a lot of fun! I had a wonderful time working on The Lost Citadel and think it’s great that Green Ronin is looking for fresh, new authors. Why not take a stab at it yourself? You can find more information here.

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