Tales of the Lost Citadel! And My Story “The Bone-shaker’s Daughter.”

I’m delighted to share Tales of the Lost Citadel by Green Ronin! It’s a very cool anthology that takes place in possibly the last city in the world. The RPG setting will be released later. I’m delighted to share my story “The Bone-shaker’s Daughter” as a sample of the anthology. You may read it for free here. Ari Marmell is … Read More

Pimp a Friend Friday: Green Ronin Talent Search!

This is super cool, you guys. Green Ronin, who put out The Lost Citadel, is hosting a talent search. They are specifically looking for women at this point, but plan to do something for men in the future. Let me briefly quote what they said on their blog. “Ultimately, one woman will be chosen to write for the Lost Citadel … Read More