Two Stories Eligible for Bram Stoker Consideration


“The Absolutionist” art created by Luke Spooner

I’m delighted to announce two of my short stories are eligible for consideration in the Bram Stoker Awards Short Fiction category.
The first one is titled “Loving You Darkly,”  which was published in F(r)iction magazine this year. It’s available online and can be read here.  “Loving You Darkly” is about hope, loss, and finding a reason to dance after the destruction of everything you love.
The other is “The Absolutionist,” which was published in Issue 10 of Gamut. “The Absolutionist” is a futuristic tale of a sin-eater’s grudging place in society, and the way she is treated. Even those who save others deserve to be saved themselves.
While “Loving You Darkly” is free to everyone online, “The Absolutionist” can only be read with a Gamut subscription. However,  if you are an active member of the HWA and would like to read a copy of either story in order to nominate it for the Bram Stoker Awards, please contact me at mercedesyardley(at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll provide you with one. Happy reading!

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