Issue 129 of Apex Magazine is Out!

I’m delighted about this because it includes my article “The Importance of Presenting Disabilities in Literature.” As you’d expect, this subject is quite close to my heart, and I’m quite proud of this article. Apex is a very cool magazine and you can never go wrong with them. You can pick up your edition here. 

Strange. Beautiful. Shocking. Surreal.

APEX MAGAZINE is a digital dark science fiction and fantasy genre zine that features award-winning short fiction, essays, and interviews. Established in 2009, our fiction has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

We publish every other month.

Issue 129 contains the following short stories, essays, reviews, and interviews.

Editorial by Jason Sizemore

It Happened in ‘Loontown by Lavie Tidhar
City Lights by Yilun Fan (translated by S. Qiouyi Lu)
Sheri, At This Very Moment by Bianca Sayan
What Una Loves by Rich Larson
Lamia by Cristina Jurado (translated by Monica Louzon)
The Cure for Loneliness by M. Shaw

O2 Arena by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki
That Rough-Hewn Sun by Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Tie Me to the Mast (Metaphorically Speaking): Social Writing in the Age of the Pandemic by C.S.E. Cooney
The Importance of Presenting Disabilities in Literature by Mercedes M. Yardley

Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by A.C. Wise
Book Review: Black Chain by Dominic Martell (reviewed by Keturah Barchers)
Book Review: Flowers for the Sea by Zin E. Rocklyn (reviewed by Tracy Robinson)

Interview with Author M. Shaw by Marissa van Uden
Interview with Author Bianca Sayan by Rebecca E. Treasure
Interview with Cover Artist Luka Brico by Russell Dickerson

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