In-Person “Write Your Trauma” Class at Stokercon’s Horror University!

I’m so excited to be teaching the “Write Your Trauma: Harness Your Darkness to Create Compelling Work” class at Stokercon!
This workshop will discuss how to use personal trauma to create work that emotionally resonates with readers. Attendees will discuss works that do this well, receive insight and tips from the instructor, and participate in a brainstorming/writing session that will help them develop a concrete idea to pursue beyond the workshop.
This will be an IN PERSON class at Horror University, so if you want to hang out with Miss Murder and discuss Baby Reindeer, please sign up! I’ll be teaching at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley Hotel on Friday, May 31 at 1 PM Pacific. You can sign up for the class here. I hope to see you in person! 

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