Please Welcome Armand Rosamilia to the Arterial Bloom Anthology!

I’d love to introduce you to Armand’s beautifully complex story titled “Three Masks.” It weaves different people and objects together into something that will break your heart. It’s like reading a waterfall because there are so many moving parts. “If you wear a mask for too long you start to forget who the real you is. Unlike the lie your … Read More

My Flash Fiction Story: BLEED

Marlys was a different woman every day. “Don’t ever leave me,” she’d say. He promised to stay. Or “I’ll never feel normal again. You should just go.” He still promised to stay.   I’m delighted to share that my new story “Bleed” is up on the Pen of the Damned website.  “Bleed” is a very dark tale that is, tragically, based … Read More

Miss Murder’s Hand-Sewn Blankets

Some of you may know that I adore sewing blankets. I love the feel of the fabric beneath my fingers. I love the colors. I love laying the pieces out and choosing where they go. The hum of the machine is so soothing to me. So much love and care goes into each and every blanket.     One of … Read More