I’d send you…

I was asked, “If I could only read a couple of your pieces, which ones should they be?” Are you crazy?  All of them!  They’re beautifully polished works of whimsy and wonder!  Okay, I’m kidding.  Let’s see…I suppose that I would send you to “Show Your Bones”, “The Scent of Gravity” (it’s only up for a few more weeks and then … Read More

This thing…is helping.

So I have to be perfectly honest with you.  I felt like a really big idiot when I set up this site.   “My Writing Site”.  Because it seems arrogant, because it seems like I’m trying to be more than I am, kind of all “Hey, look at me, I’m a writer!”  But it’s been very helpful to me.  It distances itself … Read More

The Writer’s Eye Magazine

They just accepted my poem “Monarchs” for their November/December issue.  The thing that I like best about The Writer’s Eye is that they require you to send in a piece of art with your poetry or short story submission.  So you will see a picture taken by yours truly of something beautiful.  One day I might even try my hand … Read More

Flash Fiction Online

Hooray!  I sold my short story “Ray the Vampire” to Flash Fiction Online.  It will be out for Halloween, and there was a lot of screaming and jumping last night.  “Ray the Vampire” is a light little tale, and I was so interested in the character that I ended up writing two novels about him.  No joke.  The first one … Read More

Abandoned Towers

This was such a pleasant surprise.  Go to “writing challenge” and then “Aug/Sept winners” http://www.cyberwizardproductions.com/AbandonedTowers/ This will only be up for a month, and then it disappears.  The main character, Calev Nikolai, was going to be the protagonist of what I thought would be my first novel, but he made his way to the back of my head.  I’m grateful … Read More

Demonic Tome

“Forbidden Grand” came out at Demonic Tome today.  This is the magazine where my friend Dawn placed first in the contest, so woo hoo!  It’s kind of an endearing magazine to me, although I’ll give you fair warning about some of the content.  Of course it’ll be dark, but if I’m going to send you there, and if you aren’t … Read More


Forty things out!  I worked very hard to do that, and it feels good.  I remember when my goal was five things submitted, and that seemed absolutely overwhelming.  It only gets easier the more that you do it, like most things.  I am very relieved. I may have found my MFA program…it’s beautiful.  I want it to belong to me forever … Read More


Hooray, my poem “English Cynic” is up at Flutter!  It’s truly a lovely magazine, and I enjoy reading it.  This is a poem that I wrote in high school, and it’s nice to have it out. In other news, Postcards from… and Southern Gothic have both permanently closed.  This makes me sad, but that’s the way life goes.  The last post … Read More

The Header is a Picture of My Laptop

No joke.  That is what I type on, for real.  Anyway!  I got accepted for the Sonar 4 anthology, coming out next year!  Along with Dawn, because she’s my partner in crime.  And today two things came out. http://www.reflectionsedge.com  http://sixsentences.blogspot.com/2008/10/beautiful-in-your-tragedy.html


They accepted my flash “Galaxy”, which made a nice little bright spot in this slew of rejections. Pieces out:  36 Goal: 40