Blueprint Review

My story “Flowers” came out today.  This is truly a lovely magazine, and I quite enjoy it. I hit a new critique group the other night, and they were amazing!  What a quirky, quietly intelligent group of people.  It was a pleasure to be there.  Anyway, they helped me on a story that I am quite partial to, (my … Read More

Come Write With Me!

On Saturday, 8:00 Board time, a bunch of us are doing a writing contest together.  I’m giving the prompt this go round.  Come join us!  Check out the board and get familiar with it ahead of time, because it’s kind of tricky.

Neverlands and Otherwheres is out!

This is me, this is me!  It’s probably my favorite story.  “The Boy Who Hangs the Stars”.  🙂

Kicking Off 52 Stitches

I’m excited to be the first story in what just looks like a fun concept: a flash horror every week of the year. And yay, the comments are already garnering free porno spam!  Wait… Also, Fear and Trembling accepted my poem “the stranger with blue eyes” for a future issue.  I took a line from that poem and it became … Read More

A Broken Laptop

On the days where I have a chance to write, this is my typical day.   A Broken Laptop by Mercedes M. Yardley   Her son pulls eight keys from the keyboard.  Her daughter finishes it off, making it a nice and even twenty.  This slows the writer down some. The telephone rings.  It is her best friend.  “What are … Read More

Old Friends

I went home for the holidays, and saw old friends.  Old friends seem to be a theme right now, because they’re popping up everywhere that I go. “Oh, hello, I knew you…once.  How wonderful to see you again!” It is a pleasure, truly.  I realize that my children will not have the same opportunities for Old Friends that I had.  … Read More


An acceptance!  Three cheers for editors who are willing to work through the holidays!  “Peanut Butter Toast” has been accepted for publication in A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs.  Wow, that’s quite a mouthful.  My son has Williams Syndrome, and this is a–dare I say it?–rather snarky retelling of when he nearly set our house … Read More


I mean, Happy Holidays!  I just tripped over my son, kicked over a present and landed in a pile of wrapping paper and ribbon.  Thankfully the scissors weren’t there, or I’d 1) have boy hair or 2) be dead.  I’m washing, wrapping, packing, and we’ll be out the door in four hours.  Hopefully.  We’re hitting my hometown for Christmas. Merry … Read More

Curse you, fate!

I really don’t believe in fate.  I believe in making your own choices, but it seems as though the universe constantly lines itself up to undermine me.  Like…being so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed.  Like the computer crashing.  All is well (temporarily) and I emailed myself everything that I’ve ever written.  The lazy man’s backup, I say.  … Read More