Hit the Ground Running

Last night’s writer’s group meeting was exactly what  I needed.  Query polished, confidence boosted, all systems go.  This week I’ll send out my RunStarGirl queries.  Hooray!

Get Thee Hence, Facebook!

I find myself defending Facebook, and I’m not really sure why.  I’m not crazy over it myself, although I love having old friends resurface.  I’m taking a brief Facebook hiatus.  It’s leeching my time away, and I don’t have the time to leech.  I need to write. It’s difficult with small kids at home.  I’m trying to find enough focus … Read More

The Container of Sorrows

Everybody in my house fell asleep early tonight, so I used that time to write a story.  Miss Muse and I folded our wings and worked together nicely.  The result is titled “The Container of Sorrows”.  It is a soft thing of tragic beauty inspired partly by Mark Ryden’s “Night Visit”.  It uses the words “exquisite” and “supped” and “brokenness”.  I … Read More

Gettin’ Down and Dirty, Folks.

Enough of this.  “Write in the same place and your muse will know where to find you.”  Or “Be prepared for your muse to descend upon you with illumination.”  Mmm, not gonna fly.  We all know that I have a set amount of patience, and it has run out.  I’m tracking that muse down, trussing her up, and pulling her … Read More


was a disappointing day in all regards.  It’s one of the ones that you slog through, promising yourself that tomorrow you can wake up and forget that today ever happened.  Tomorrow I’m going to watch The Dark Crystal, because it has been popping up in almost all of my conversations lately.  And if anybody comes to my front door, I’m … Read More


My poem “dreams of color 1997-2008” just went live on The.  The editor emailed me back saying that he liked the poem except for a final floating line that just made the whole thing silly.  I thought, “Hmmm,” and reread it, and -oh, the humanity!- he was absolutely right.  This stranger just managed to save me from myself. I’m working on … Read More

Hi. Yell at me, please. Thank you kindly.

I needed caffeine.  And chocolate.  And then more caffeine. Yesterday I unscrewed the top of my head off for a while and set it aside.  It was the best possible thing that I could have done. The writer’s group was amazing.  Reading and critiquing is a way that keeps your mind engaged even while it’s resting from the creative process.  … Read More

My World Has Stopped

A despondent Mercedes is a Mercedes that is out of sorts, and it must be remedied.  I did some good hard analyzing yesterday, and this is what I realized: I wasn’t having fun.  All of the “Do this!” and “Do that!” and “Don’t forget about these!” were sucking the life out of me.  I was going to be nothing more … Read More


I’m reading my email.  (I get some GREAT email!)  I’m skimming blogs, and seriously, I’m not that much of a blog reader.  I’m putting everything off because it’s just that kind of day. I already cleaned the house, and didn’t dust the ceiling fans because The Onion’s horoscope foretold my gory demise.  (Skipping the fans was no hardship, let me … Read More