Interviewed by a Never Nude. And an Online Release Party!

Glenn Rolfe’s band is called The Never Nudes. It’s just awesome. They have a new EP coming out soon, so pick it up! So since Nameless: The Darkness Comes decided to have a mind of its own and release a few days early, things have been a wonderful, frantic, joyful scrabble here at Chez Yardley. Itty Bit is feeling so much … Read More

Surprise! Nameless Has Launched! 99 Cents This Week Only

Today was a bit of a tough day because I had a very sick Little. Nebulizers and throwing up and all manner of icky things. Those cursed preemie lungs! But do you know what makes everything better? Yes, chocolate and Coke Zero. But do you know what else? A surprise book launch. Ladies and gentlemen, Nameless: The Darkness Comes, Book … Read More

Announcing The Bone Angel Trilogy!

My friends, it gets better and better. Remember how excited I was to announce my debut novel Nameless, which is coming out later this month? I’m thrilled to announce that Nameless: The Darkness Comes is the first book of THE BONE ANGEL TRILOGY, which was picked up by Ragnarok Publications. A trilogy! This is the stuff dreams are made of … Read More