Miss Murder Has A Brand New Site!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this gorgeous new site! I finally hired someone and she is just a wizard. It has everything I need, it’s professional, and it’s easy to navigate. It truly thrills my little black heart. I hope you’ll take a second to checker www.mercedesmyardley.com out and to zip around a little bit. Welcome … Read More

I Crossed Something Off My Bucket List. And Backlash.

I wear a bracelet that says “Be Brave.” My New Year’s Resolution has often been “Do things that scare me.” I’ve wanted to shave my head since I was about 15, but never had the courage. A few months ago I lost the black bangs and tried a blonde Mohawk, and it was a wonderful experience. This summer I made … Read More

A Plea to the Internet

My very dear Internet, This is so difficult for me to say. We have spent every day together for years.  You’re here when I wake up.  You promise me songs and beautiful pictures of wildflowers and live video of Loch Ness just in case the monster decides to show up.  We’ve shared cups of hot cocoa together as you tell me … Read More