The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

It’s one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever had the chance to stay in. When I did my reading of Little Dead Red in LA for Shades and Shadows, I spent the night at the Biltmore. Astounding. The first picture I took was of this stunning ceiling. It looks like candy. Look at this tea service! It’s so beautiful and far … Read More

I'm Reading at Shades & Shadows!

Whatcha doing this evening? Coming to the Shades and Shadows reading tonight in LA? You really should, because not only will there be five other stellar authors there, but I’ll be reading, too. I can’t wait. Please stop by and say hi!

Join Me at the Vegas Valley Book Festival October 15-17

One of my favorite events here is the Vegas Valley Book Festival. Last year I attended and met B.J. Novak as well as one of my favorite writers of all time, Aimee Bender. It was a genuine pleasure, and Aimee was everything I had ever hoped she would be, and more. She’s the type of woman who waves at you … Read More

So I Ran Away.

A few days ago. It had been one of those days. Those weeks. Those months. And I snapped. I needed out. My husband came home from work and I was clawing at the door, saying I was sorry but I needed to step out for a few hours and I loved him and I’d back after the kids were in … Read More

Word Count Podcast

I’m currently writing you while wearing headphones and listening to some awesome poetry on RB Wood’s Word Count podcast.  I love hearing writers read their own work.  I love hearing how they pronounce things, how they hold their breaths and which words they choose to leave in their mouths.  There’s such an intimacy to it. Anyway! I’m in this podcast!  … Read More