DARLING Drops in Two Weeks!

Oh my goodness, friends! I am SO EXCITED. Once upon a time many years ago, I wrote a book called Stormlight. Over the years it changed and evolved until it become my Southern Gothic novel titled DARLING. DARLING drops in two weeks, and I am over the moon for it. It’s beautiful and bleak and intensely personal. It also comes … Read More

Belated November Reads!

Well, this is belated! Because December has just been a month or a day or a year or four years. Who even knows? 2020 time has held no logic for me. Anyway! I told you about my super special awesome bookclub (The Book Democracy Book Club) where we are given a bingo card and random reading prompts. You read the … Read More

A Face Full of Happy

Are you ready to be blasted with a face full of happy? Might want to put on some shades, my friend, because the sunshine is coming. First, I’m delighted to report that the Limited Edition hardcover of┬áBeautiful Sorrows sold out! It’s shipping as far and wide as my parent’s house (thanks, Dad!), Ireland, and Macedonia. (Macedonia? Really? My friends live … Read More