Zombiepalooza in Two Hours! Call in. :)

Whatcha doin’ tonight, friends? What’s that? You’re listening to Zombiepalooza radio? That’s a fabulous idea! Because I’m going to be on there live in two hours. Fill free to listen! Even better, call in and ask me questions. Beg me *not* to play my ukelele. Whatever you’d like. 🙂 Here is the information: 3rd HOUR 10-11 pm EST 4/25/14 Author/Publisher: … Read More

My Nemesis Has A Book! And It’s Awesome!

I’m sure that you are familiar with the bloodthirsty rivalry that I have with the nefarious Matt Betts. What? You aren’t? Well, that’s probably a good thing because, while we were once into hamstringing each other every chance we got, we sort of became older and wiser and…well, lazy.  Instead of throwing grenades while racing through the yard, we started … Read More

Book Review: Robert Duperre’s “The Fall”

I’ve gotta be honest.  This book caught my interest at “Mayan”.  A long-dormant threat awakens and is released from a Mayan temple.  Those infected become irrationally violent and cannibalize anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.  What do you do when those you love succumb? Robert Duperre’s The Fall is a toothy, satisfying read written in an easy, loping style.  I … Read More

Yeehaw, Baby!

Okay, so the good news!  I hope that all of you are familiar with John Skipp’s “Zombies: Encounters With The Hungry Dead”.  It’s a fantastic anthology with some pretty amazing names: Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Jack Ketchum, Poppy Z. Brite, and Max Brooks, for example.  I mean, this is a super solid book.  And weighty. I know because I’ve … Read More