My Love Affair With Josh Gates

It all started when Ken Wood pointed out that my husband was famous.  His argument was compelling.  He wrote:

“Seriously.  At home:

On location, filming an episode of Destination Truth.”

Who was I to deny the similarities, especially when my husband is dangling the children upside down like that chicken?

So I started watching Destination Truth on Netflix, mainly for the quirky and, might I add, rather handsome host.  Soon I was hooked.  Was today a rather bad day?  Forget it! Josh and I are out looking for Bigfoot!  Bad news?  What does that matter?  We’re searching for Mermaids in Israel!  It was a lot of fun. But, like most relationships that burn hot and bright, it couldn’t sustain itself.  I finished every episode available to me, and then, no longer entertained by Josh’s antics and, quite honestly, rather bored by the constant EVP sessions, I wandered away.  To where?  To what?  I don’t know yet.  But Josh Gates and Destination Truth, we’ll always have the memories.

4 Comments on “My Love Affair With Josh Gates”

  1. Hehe.

    The show is getting a bit absurd with the staged close calls with danger. Tonight, the clipped a frickin’ iceberg!

    Sure, they were in Antarctica, but are we really to believe that the person on lookout duty didn’t see the ENORMOUS iceberg until a minute before they hit it…in broad daylight. The iceberg was the size of a mountain! And why the hell did Josh Gates get on deck and take the wheel? What happened to the people that actually owned the boat?


    I liked it better when it was goofy but actually focused on the legends and lore and history of what and where they were investigating.

  2. I’m sure Luke was so happy to hear that. Holding children upside down is so much cooler than holding chickens anyway. 😉

  3. Seriously, that’s a pet peeve of mine, Ken! Josh drives EVERYTHING. The jeeps. The boats. He is in charge of all…at least while the camera is rolling.

    By the way, did you know there’s a show called Titanic 2? It’s true. I might give it a shot after Mega Shark VS. the Crocosaurus.

    Ha, Nisa! Minna’s in on it too, now. She’ll be like, “Luke and I were just rappelling down a mountain! Now we’re going to the Island of the Dolls! How does he have time to take care of you guys when he’s always out there filming the show?” 😛

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