This Blog Should be Renamed “Homesteading in Stilettos”

Because we’re getting chickens.


That’s right. Chickens. Here in the middle of Las Vegas. In our backyard.

Backyard chickens.

The coop should be arriving any day. Hammer, nails, sweat, friends, and paint, and it will be standing soon.

Today we checked out chickens!


This little guy really wanted to come home with me.

We also checked out bunnies and baby ducks, just for fun. Oh my goodness! Cuteness overload!



It’s funny that I was raised in farm country and never thought anything of it. But now that I live in the city with pace and pulse and neon, I find myself longing for quieter things. Too city for the country and too country for the city. But at least I’m where I belong when I’m home. 🙂

Do any of you guys have experience with animals? Did you enjoy them? Any advice for us?

2 Comments on “This Blog Should be Renamed “Homesteading in Stilettos””

  1. Yay chickens! The biggest thing to watch out for is going to be the Las Vegas heat. I live in Arizona, we had four chickens after a summer we were down to just two. It’s very common to lose some during the hot days. (It was a weekend of 120 degree weather that killed two of ours.) They don’t do great in heat so keep a close eye on them. Save some empty milk or water jugs, fill them with water, and stick them in your freezer. On the hot days, throw them out there with the chickens so they can nuzzle up with them. We also turn on the sprinklers for them. Good luck and have fun! Cuteness overload, indeed!

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