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There’s so much going on, my friends! Let’s play a little catchup and use this for accountability, yes?

Arterial Bloom: I’m working on edits and getting everything sent back to the authors. These stories are AMAZING. Each time I open one up, I’m transported all over again. I’m trying to get everything finished by the weekend, but life has been fairly brutal and life-like lately. I will try my very best.

Every Friday I’ll announce an author so you can see how the TOC (table of contents) is rounding out. So far we’ve announced Linda J. Marshall and Dino Parenti. Their stories are so emotional, you guys. I can’t wait to share them!

It sounds like the cover will be announced in December or January. The Arterial Bloom watercolor you see is just something I whipped up as a placeholder until the real cover can be shared. Eeee! There are so many fun surprises and things going on behind the scenes of an anthology. I love it.

The foreword arrived in my inbox today, and it is simply lovely. It made me misty-eyed. We’ll announce the author of that soon, and I’m so honored.


Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy

I’m working hard on getting the script to Orion. I’ll do a few pages and then send it to him for feedback. He’s working on layout and then the art. We’re both working on fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards as a thank you to our backers. My goal is to get all of the watercolors and quilts finished and shipped before Christmas. Thank you all so much for your support! I love you to the moon and back.

Short Stories:

I have three in the works, all slated for different venues. We’ll see how it goes. Not everybody knows this, but an invitation doesn’t mean that your story is automatically accepted; it simply means that you’re invited to a project. Let’s cross our fingers on this.

Novel on Sub:

The feedback is that I need to darken it up. I’m in a headspace where I can do this nicely. It’s always fun to be given permission to take the kid gloves off.

New Novel: 

I feel like I need to clean my plate before I get started on this, which is something I’ve wanted to write for YEARS now. Yet every time I sit to write it, I struggle. It’s like it’s too precious to me and I’m afraid of messing it up. Well, you know what, Self? Writing IS messy. It’s messy and delightful and painful and ugly and it makes you want to laugh and cry. When has this ever stopped me before? Get to getting on the other stuff so you can focus on this. Got it, Mercedes? Yes, Mercedes, I understand.

Thank you all for letting me share. What are you up to during this spooky creative season? I’d love to hear!




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  1. Here’s my contribution to the spooky creative season, Miss Murder. Crystal Lake had a Halloween Flash fiction contest and Joe emailed to say I made the finals! Yippee! He’ll post them on CL’s Patreon page and let people vote. I may have a spooky creative career yet!

    Oh, have a new blog, too, but I just started it so, um, it’s got some polishing that needs to be done.

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