Arterial Bloom Welcomes Author Jimmy Bernard!

What a pleasure to introduce Jimmy Bernard to the Arterial Bloom lineup! Jimmy’s monster story centers around three young sisters who are forced to keep the horrors at bay. I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I hope it infects you, as well.

She didn’t even remember how they’d come to live here. She remembered Mom and Dad, just as she remembered their cries when the door opened and the thing inside took them.

– “The Stone Door” by Jimmy Bernard

Jimmy Bernard is a writer born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. He’s got an office job and is a professional shower singer. Most of his time is spent writing or reading, and, of course, haunting his wife with his latest horror story idea. Luckily, he’s a great sushi cook to make up for it.
Jimmy joins authors Carina Bissett, Linda J. Marshall, Dino Parenti, and Armand Rosamilia in Arterial Bloom: Tales of Horror. Arterial Bloom is slated for release in late February of 2020.

2 Comments on “Arterial Bloom Welcomes Author Jimmy Bernard!”

  1. Haha! We should have an author’s shower singing choir! Thank you! It’s going to be a beautiful anthology, and Jimmy’s story was simply haunting.

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