Martin Lastrapes Interviews Me About Arterial Bloom. And Meet Niko!

What are you doing during quarantine? Why not listen to this super cool interview with Martin Lastrapes?  Martin is an author /podcaster/all-around-character that lives here in Vegas. We were originally going to do the interview face-to-face, but then life and a global pandemic happened. We talk quarantine, Arterial Bloom, and my son bursts onto the scene at about the hour and a half mark, whispering furiously and showing Martin his chest. Pop in and take a listen to Niko’s podcast debut!

Martin Lastrapes!

Niko has Williams Syndrome and Autism, and he’s been communicating solely through whispers for about two years now. He turns 17 in a few days. Happy Birthday, Niko! And thank you for the great interview, Martin. It was such a genuine pleasure.


You can find Martin on:

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