A Random Picture of My Cookie Plate

I have a mean sugar addiction, can you tell?  Totally hopped up today!  I accomplished a lot, and I mean a lot.  Which…might never happen again.   I printed queries and labels and everything is shiny and professional…until I ran out of ink. Typical.   Pieces out: 38 Goal: 40

A Melodramatic Farewell

  Most of you know that I majored in Sociology, so social experimentation is de rigeur.  I realized something both funny and disconcerting, and that is this:  When I put up that picture of me wearing my red lipstick, my hits jumped by a gazillion percent.  Seriously.  There are sites that scroll random blogs, and people can click any blog that they want to … Read More

“Are You Alive?”

Kinda.  It’s like that old U2 song, and I’m running to stand still.  That’s all right, because life is a challenge, and I can hack it.  I just wanted to pop in and update. Still alive!  Still working hard.  I literally have not had more than five minutes to myself all day, which means that I’m distracted and have zero … Read More

Second Place!

I just crawled out of a migraine-induced haze to find out that I placed second in the On The Premises contest!  Hooray!  Everybody thinks that I’m kidding, but I really am using the money to buy a sewing machine.  Awesome!  It’s a story that I really enjoyed writing, and I’ll proudly link you when it’s up. Today I also bought … Read More

This Is Why I Write.

  If I didn’t write, I might spend more time in the kitchen.  And as we can all see…that wouldn’t be such a great idea. These are my marshmallows!  And the bowl exploded!  And after the hysterical laughter died down, I had the job of cleaning up marshmallowy glass.  I’ll try again later with a bowl that won’t try to … Read More

Karma? And Are Agents Like Soulmates?

I just said how it was softly sunshiny here, and then it promptly started to rain for two days.  The streets are flooded.  So Jeremy, the Illiterati, and the other townsfolk of Sin City, I take full responsibility.  The rain is all my fault. That said, I’m not sorry.  I love the rain.  So haha! Queries.  Queries queries queries.  It’s … Read More

Content with Some

I realize that most of the world is living in a land of ice and snow.  I, however, am not.  Today I took my kids outside and we frolicked around for a little bit.  For once, the sun was kind.  I took a picture of the lavender, which smelled particularly delightful.  I’m sorry to say that my star jasmine has … Read More

Micro 100

So! I pulled that story because I realized that the magazine was requesting crazy rights.  I entered the story in the On The Premises contest  because when I first read the contest theme, I was like, “You know what story would be perfect for that?!”  I received an email saying that it was a top ten finalist, and hooray!  It made … Read More

White Winged Butterflies

I have succumbed!  My children graciously passed their monster colds onto me.  So I’m drinking hot chocolate and looking up butterflies.  Ah, but not just any butterfly!  I want the name of a butterfly that would be fluttering around the Ayame flower in Japan…but is not native to that area.  My butterfly ended up there due to typhoon or some … Read More

Bar and Rock

Last night our friends were playing at the Cheyenne Saloon.  We caught Atlas Takes Aim (Go Billie and Mason!) and were hoping to catch Hello! Astro (Go Ryan!) but we had to bail before they came on.  Our babysitter was only 14, after all, and was nearly asleep by the time we came home smelling of bar and rock music.  … Read More