Friday the 13th! And it Rocks!

As Friday the 13th usually does.  13 is my lucky number, which is no surprise since my birthday is on the 13th.  Today, actually, so hooray.  I’m officially 30.  Does that still make me a young writer?  I hope so!  I know that I write more and with a little more finesse than I did ten years ago.  I also … Read More

The ABC’s of Murder

“The ABC’s of Murder” is up.  It’s a happy little story about death and relentless murder and despair and…uh…anyway.  It’s one that I’m quite fond of.  One day I thought of the line, “I got really tired of murdering Billy Cords,” and the rest was history.

A Brief Lesson About Monarchs

  A lot of you have seen this before.  It’s one of my very favorite pictures.  This was a male monarch that hatched out a year or so ago.  You can tell it’s a male because of the black spots on his hind wings, which releases a chemical used in courtship, so I hear.   He was a lovely butterfly that … Read More

Holly, I Want Blue Hair

My friend and I spent seven hours shopping today.  Seven!  We touched fabrics and looked at shoes and talked about stories and writing and about when we lived in foreign countries.  (American bathrooms rock!)  We went into an exotic birds store where most of the birds were glaring at us from their perches, (“Aren’t they supposed to have cages?!  Look … Read More

Things up

Beautiful Broken Things is up on Tuesday Shorts.  It’s a piece that doesn’t sound like me, except that it has the word “broken” in it. My essay “A House Without Corners” came out in The Rambler.  Yay, print magazines!   Pieces out: 37 Goal: 40

Yay, I’m as Superior as the Other 672 of You!

Thanks to Jeremy D. Brooks, Natalie L. Sin, and Jameson T. Caine for hooking me up with the Superior Scribbler award!  People who use their middle initials all stick together, says Mercedes M. Yardley.  Here are the rules: Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author … Read More

The More You Know Me, The More You Have to Hate

So this has been on my mind lately.  I’m not super old but times have changed since I was a kid.  The Internet rocks my world.  It’s so awesome!  Thanks to it, I can email people in different countries, I’m hooking up with old friends on Facebook, and anime is now pretty much mainstream.  Thank goodness I can come out … Read More

And Something to Make Me Happy

New black shoes in the blinding sunlight of Vegas.  Notice the sheer instep.  I’m going to use these delicate things to kick some literary butt.   Pieces out: 40! Goal: 40!  Woo hoo!

Curse You, Exuberant Nature!

I don’t like to wait.  I mean, I can be patient when I have to be.  I don’t hound editors with “How long are you planning on keeping my submission, eh, buddy?” emails.  I’m patient with my kids.  I don’t get unruly in lines.  But if I have a choice, I’d like everything to fly by at warp speed.  I … Read More

A Random Picture of My Cookie Plate

I have a mean sugar addiction, can you tell?  Totally hopped up today!  I accomplished a lot, and I mean a lot.  Which…might never happen again.   I printed queries and labels and everything is shiny and professional…until I ran out of ink. Typical.   Pieces out: 38 Goal: 40