Miss Murder's Easy DIY: Halloween Decoration

This project will take you about five minutes, quite literally. Ten minutes if little gnomes run off with your bells, which is what happened to me. Kiddos and pets can’t resist bells. Who can? You will need: 1 Halloween (or Christmas) cookie cutter 2 different colors of ribbon 3-5 bells Tie a ribbon to each bell. And then tie the … Read More

Miss Murder's DIY: Easy Halloween Monster Craft Tutorial

I should really call this Angry Ginger’s Easy DIY because she’s the one that made these lovely things. They’re so charming! You will need: wine glasses (she purchased hers at a dollar store) spray paint black felt a hot glue gun a permanent marker scissors bandages and googly eyes for the mummy bolts for Frankenstein jewels for the witch and … Read More

Miss Murder Easy DIY: Easy Ice Pops For Chickens!

People are telling stories of something called “Autumn” and “cool weather” and “pumpkin spice.” I know these things are all lies. In Las Vegas, we’re still wearing sun hats and sunglasses. I burn my feet on the pavement at least once a week, and my hands on the steering well about as often. So we’re still concerned with keeping our … Read More

Ragnar Was Everything I Feared. And I Survived.

I had a lot of fear about Ragnar. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run it. I was afraid of being the weak link on the team. I was afraid I’d have a sugar crash and not know where I was. I was afraid I’d throw up during my run. I was afraid I’d get lost. I was … Read More

Miss Murder Runs Ragnar

“What?” You gasp. “You’re not a runner! You hate running!” It’s true. I do. I’m a kickboxer, not a runner. But I adore my friends, and when one of my best friends from high school invited my husband and I to run with him and his family, I agreed. Also, we’ll be running in Seattle, my old stomping grounds. Also … Read More

Pizza in a Pinch: A Miss Murder Cheat

So it was 108 degrees, I was super exhausted, and my favorite pizza place was having phone problems. I know. First world problems. I realize I’m blessed to have so little to worry about on some days. So I made pizza. Ish. Quickly, easily, and cheaply. Step 1. Assemble your motley crew of ingredients. I had cheese sticks, pepperoni, and … Read More

Easy Homemade Gnocchi For Beginners. Four Ingredients!

Seriously easy. As in get-your-five-year-old-to-make-it easy. You just handle boiling the water and the rest is good, yeah? There are four ingredients. 1 cup ricotta cheese 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan 1 cup flour Get a saucepan, fill it up, and get that sucker to boiling. That will probably take the longest out of everything. Throw everything together … Read More

Miss Murder’s Plan For Global Domination

First, I have my core group of readers and friends. I even have a Facebook Street Team called The Demonic Darlings. (If you would like to become a Demonic Darling and have first crack at free books, spreading information on releases, prizes, etc, just let me know and I’ll add you to the group.) So. I take my Crazy Army … Read More

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Lavender Soap

Simple. Beautiful. Charming.   It’s exceptionally quick and best of all, the kiddos can help. And it doesn’t heat up the house, which is important when it’s 110 degrees in Las Vegas. So let’s make some soap! You will need: A soap base. (I used this one, but there are plenty to choose from.) Lavender essential oil Dried lavender flowers Microwavable … Read More

Miss Murder is Shorn. And a Signing.

I asked him to take off six inches and he took off a foot. From this: to this:   Ah well. It was too long, anyway. Let’s try and rock this!   Also, I’ll be signing books with Erica Keifer and Sally Johnson tomorrow (8/23/14) at the Northwest Barnes and Noble! Rainbow Promenade, 2191 N Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV … Read More