All Things Ray

This was the illustration for “Ray The Vampire” on Flash Fiction Online. ( Copyright 2008, R. W. Ware. The artist also replied graciously to my thank you note, and that always sits well with me. The Editor made a Wordle, and this made me laugh. ( I am SO going to put this on a t-shirt! It might be my … Read More

Are we drawn to the unreal?

I was having a discussion the other day on the ever popular topic of writer suicide.  An exorbitant percentage of writers commit suicide.  An exorbitant amount suffer from mental illness and the like.  Is it because this type of personality is drawn to an world that is “unreal” or is it because living in such a world can drive you … Read More

Barnwood Poetry Magazine

Barnwood Poetry Magazine accepted my poem “white blindness” last night. I’m very excited! He says that it will be up soon.  I’ll link you then. My novel is at about 13,000 words right now. The murderer has just sent Bryony a gift. The story takes place in our old Seattle stomping grounds, so it makes me a rather conflicting mix … Read More


My story “Life” came out on Abandoned Towers today. I will tell you how to get there, since there is no way on earth that you’ll ever find me without specific instructions. But get a load of the names that I’m hobnobbing with! Very sexy, rowr. Then go to General Fiction, and I’m at the very bottom. I like … Read More

Run, Star Girl!

So my novel is coming along swimmingly.  Swimmingly?  Swimmingly.  Thus far.  It’s really fun to write, a departure from my previous novels, and I find that refreshing.  It’s the story of a girl who is fated for murder, and everybody is aware of it.  It’s written in a whimsical, fairytale fashion, and I’m having a lot of fun using this … Read More

The Writer’s Eye

My poem “Monarchs” is up at The Writer’s Eye Magazine.  Once again, Dawn Allison and I are in there together!  She had mad skills with a camera, let me tell you. I’m learning. Also, NaNoWriMo officially started! I have written two chapters of my current novel, which is titled “RunStarGirl: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy”.  It’s very different … Read More

Hello, I am writing to you from the past!

Ha.  It’s currently the day before Halloween (Hey guys!) and I have a lot to cover really quickly.  For one thing, “Galaxy” popped up on DOGZPLOTS today, so cruise on by, if you so desire. “Cold Caliber” went onto Six Sentences  yesterday. I also revised “Life” as requested by the Abandoned Towers submissions editor, and they accepted it … Read More

What a lame day!

My friend and I have stories that we’re supposed to switch today.  It’s not going well.  First it wasn’t going at all, and then it started to work, and now I’m completely stalled.  Which happens, no big.  Then I got a slew of strange rejections, all at once.  A request for a rewrite, (“ethereal, but unclear.  Is she crazy?  Dead?  … Read More

Rock on, I say!

Today is a day for celebration!  For one thing, I can now officially drive a motorcycle.  Rock on!  The world may never be safe again.  And things are going well on the writing front, too!  Keep an eye out for a future issue of Shock Totem, a horror/dark fiction mag that accepted a story that I wrote starring my friend Dawn and I, … Read More

I’d send you…

I was asked, “If I could only read a couple of your pieces, which ones should they be?” Are you crazy?  All of them!  They’re beautifully polished works of whimsy and wonder!  Okay, I’m kidding.  Let’s see…I suppose that I would send you to “Show Your Bones”, “The Scent of Gravity” (it’s only up for a few more weeks and then … Read More